I have known macramé pretty much my whole life. I started taking classes at the studio of Professor Zdravka Lissiyska when I was 8 years old in still communist Bulgaria in the late 1980s. I have since experimented with a number of creative activities, but macrame has remained my favorite. I love the technique because it gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom when it comes to texture, form, and color choices. 

Micro-macrame is generally a time-consuming technique. I design and make the pieces from scratch (I should say, waxed thread), for the most part. Smaller and simpler designs could take a couple of hours, but I work on some pieces for days. Some of the more elaborate designs take over 20 hours of work. When I design my pieces, I almost never sketch but instead rely on the images I see in my mind. I sometimes know exactly how the piece will look in the end. But a lot of my pieces are free style. I love working free-style—it is exciting and there are often surprises, hopefully nice ones.

I named my business Lilliane after my mother, and I added Elysian because it rhymes and also has a nice meaning—heavenly, divine. According to Greek mythology, Elysium (or the Elysian fields) was the place in paradise for the heroes immortalized by the gods.

I have developed two main styles. I like elaborate, ornate pieces combining multiple colors. But I also like minimalist pieces with simple beauty that are versatile. I will let the art speak for itself.

                                                         Tanya Bagashka

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